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Your guide to common TV problems
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There are many common
problems with todays TV's,
almost as many as there
are TV models out on the
market. Here's a simple list
of common TV troubles,
and the related circuit
failures that cause them.

Symptom: No power, TV won't turn on, no
video or audio present.
Cause: Is unit plugged in? Power supply not
functioning? Blown main fuse? shorted output
device or secondary power supply circuit?,etc..
Symptom: Power comes on, but no video is
present, only audio.
Cause: Deflection circuits not functioning or
shorted horizontal circuit? Secondary b+
power supply not coming up to operating
voltage or shorted? Is the display device
getting proper power, i.e. the CRT or lamp
assemblies, etc. Is there proper vertical
Symptom: TV has video but no audio.
Cause: Speaker switch turned off or to
"external" setting? Speakers are switched off
in the TV menu? Audio power output circuit or
IC blown/shorted? External audio amplifier
operating properly?
Symptom: TV has no video but has audio,
however TV menu comes up on screen.
Cause: Internal PIP module? Internal video
processor/jungle IC? Improper video
connection to external video source?
Symptom: LCD or DLP TV is not fully
powering up at turn on, several LED's on the
front panel light up or flash continuously, or
"lamp" LED is lit.
Cause: Halogen or (other) main lamp
assembly are blown or shorted? Lamp ballast
assembly failure or shorted? Lamp power
supply not functioning or blown?
Symptom: DLP TV color is off either
intermittantly or consistently, has black and
white bars, etc.
Cause: DLP color wheel assembly likely
going out, motor bearing failure?
Symptom: Rear projection CRT color way out
of alignment, colors bowing in on side(s), or
has broken up color lines through picture,
usually horizontally.
Cause: Convergence output section failure or
shorted convergence power module or STK's?
Convergence alignment way off or reset?
Possible pincushion distortion?
Symptom: Picture has lines at top,
occasionally squeezes to center from top to
bottom into a thin horizontal line.
Cause: Vertical output/deflection circuit
failure? Possible capacitor filtering failure?
Symptom: Picture out of focus/hazy, not
Cause: focus block/high voltage block
assembly failure? High voltage regulation
failure? Optical focus/mirror out of
alignment? Focus block adjustments out of

For starters.. The
symptoms listed above are
probably the most
commonly seen in many
Note: Repairs should
ALWAYS be performed
by a professional
Us, in other words..